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Having been involved in digital technology my entire career, I was a little late exploring voice apps, but published my first Alexa skill in summer 2019.

One year ago I wrote about that process in a LinkedIn article titled “Building Alexa Skills for Kids - Advice, Stats, and Toilet Humour”

If you are looking for some quick-fire action to get your brain engaged, there is a solid range of puzzle games available on Amazon Alexa to try out.

Varying from basic word games and maths problems, through to escape rooms and high production Netflix series spin off adventures, we have…

Alexa Christmas Skills

When the kids start getting excited in the build up to holiday season, any extra distractions to keep them amused are welcome!

Luckily there are a host of fun Christmas games and activities for Amazon Alexa owners to turn to, and here you will find a curated list of the…

Some of the most natural game types for voice assistants are tabletop game simulators and choose your own adventure style stories. Therefore you can find dozens of dice games, card games, and role playing games available for Amazon Echo devices.

Below you will find a curated list of high quality…

Selection of Halloween Alexa skill logos against a spooky background, with the text “Alexa Halloween Skills”

As we approach Halloween, many people will be turning to their Alexa devices for spooky sounds and Halloween themed activities.

So if you are looking for Alexa Halloween apps then we have collected some of our favourites below to try out.

Trick the Witch — Halloween Greeter

Some of the most popular games franchises of all time have been business strategy simulations like Sim City, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Tropico, and Zoo Tycoon.

While the established developers have yet to turn their attention to Amazon Alexa, there are plenty of voice specialists creating new variants of the popular business…

It’s not easy to find good games to play on Alexa, and it’s even harder to find Alexa sports games beyond those that give just simple facts or a quiz.

Sports games for Amazon Alexa

On home consoles and PC we are spoilt for choice with games series like FIFA, Football Manager, and Madden…

Early Alexa Skills

The first skills I published were aimed at kids. They made use of the various Polly Voices available, but they definitely lacked expression, especially with longer sections of spoken output.

I still have a sports game available called International Soccer Manager that has match commentary at the centre of the…

FIFA22 video game promo image
Source: EA

October 1st sees the global release of the latest game in the premier EA franchise, with FIFA22 hitting PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Some fans will get a taste of the action before then by pre-ordering; but for those who have to wait until release date here are a…


Indie developer creating games for Amazon Alexa devices. See http://www.pressthe8.com for the latest games portfolio.

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